3 Lead Generation Mistakes You Must Never Commit

lead generation

Running a lead generation strategy can be confusing if you don’t know which direction to go to. Many would even find the process as the trickiest part of marketing. One of the biggest reasons why it is like that is because things are not planned properly. Because of this, companies struggle to find what move to do next. The worst thing is, they commit mistakes that can ruin their chances on winning the competition.

lead generation

To save you from those, there are tons of things you need to know. Here’s a list of mistakes you can’t dare to commit when it comes to running a lead generation campaign in Hong Kong.

Ignoring the Importance of CTAs

call-to-action button

You might not realize it now, but call-to-action (CTA) buttons are important element of your campaign. It directs people on what step they must do next. It creates a level of urgency which visitors can’t simply ignore. With the right CTAs, you’ll instantly generate leads and conversions in no time. So, if up until this time, you haven’t had any decent CTA, it’s time you do.

Disregarding Social Media Presence

social media

Every year the number of social media users across the globe increases. With this, it’s hard to ignore the power of this platform in terms of generating leads. Unfortunately, many organizations are still undermining its ability to attract people. However, at this day and age, having a strong social media presence is necessary. If you don’t allow your brand to grow on this channel, you’re letting a great opportunity to slip by. Today, having a social media profile across two to three platforms is a must.

Confusing & Complicated Contact Form

Contact form is a great sourcing technique to gain leads that are showing interest to your brand. However, may people would simply turn away from it if they are required to fill up tons of things. Instead of generating leads, your contact form can ruin your chance to attract new customers. To avoid this, focus on getting the basics. Stick with name, email address and message. This will make them more comfortable.

Beware of these mistakes and pay more attention to your lead generation campaigns. A successful strategy comes from a properly planned approach. So, be sure you review and check everything to avoid missing any opportunity to ensure the success of your campaign.