3 Ways of Getting Quality SEO Leads

SEO Leads

SEO leads are potential buyers that find your product through search engine results. 

As easy as it sounds, the challenge is “how?’. Although its definition emphasizes on potential buyers finding you, it is still your job to be visible to them. 

So, how do you do it? There are countless ways, but I’ve made a short list to get those to only three. 

Website Optimization

Make sure visitors get to your website, stay there and click on multiple pages adds up to ranking points. Below are a few tips.

Improve website speed. Page speed directly affects ranking and user satisfaction. Don’t let visitors wait too long. Lessen bounce rate. Ask your web developer for more detailed steps you can take.

Use engaging visuals. It only takes seconds to click on a page and close it. Visuals does not only include images but also color palette, backgrounds, and overall website theme. Use your elements tastefully. 

Mobile-friendly layout. Many users have switched to smartphones in navigating the internet due to convenience and availability. It is essential for your website to be adaptive, not only for phones, but also for other devices.  

Content SEO

This includes choosing the actual context and content of articles, blogs and other materials published through the website. Here are a few guides.

Keyword Research. Before implementing SEO strategies, conduct a research first on the existing keywords. Identifying the most effective keyword set needs insight and a lot of analysis. 

Settling for what the competition uses might save you some resources but do you really want to just trust what they do without checking it out for yourself? 

You can incorporate your brand, industry, services, products and locality to name a few keywords ideas. All of which should be subject to rigorous checking.

Use of Keywords. Use the right words on titles, meta description and body. After seamlessly positioning keywords, the whole article should be a delight to read. Avoid overstuffing. 

Content Quality. Focus on producing engaging content. Your first objective is for users to actually read your content. Make sure that you are creating user-centered topics. Take note of the wants and needs of your audience.  

Link Building

There are different kinds of links for SEO that affect your rankings.

Internal Links. In addition to links for your homepage, menu or contact info, it’s also important to create links within your content. Point your users to related content within your website. Aside from making the topic more interesting for the reader, it also signals search engines on the overall context of your articles.

External Links. Add links of already authoritative pages in your writing. It adds credibility to your content and helps readers have a more gratifying experience. 

Backlinks. When another content creator creates an external backlink to your page, that is recognized by search engines as your backlink. Getting backlinks means getting acknowledgement from another website of your content’s value and credit.

There are other notable strategies you can use for SEO leads, but there is not one strategy that will work for all businesses. 

Achieving the best plan of action is no easy task. To get the right mix, marketers are constantly evolving along with digital marketing trends. Visit for lead generation training and learn strategies on how to gain quality leads.