4 Common Practices You Must Avoid in SEO

SEO: A Crucial Modern Marketing Strategy

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is not an easy process to take. More often than not, digital specialist commit rookie mistakes no matter how many years of experience they already had in the industry. While the industry of SEO can be a lot to take in, it’s necessary that you always make informed decisions to stay away from bad practices.

To help you do that, listed below are some of the most common SEO mistakes marketers commit.

Volume over Relevance

Keywords are practically the backbone of any SEO campaign. Without doing keyword research, you can’t move forward. However, many people tend to focus on the search volume rather than the relevance of the phrases you’re getting. It is because of this that there are campaigns that tend to fail. Since you didn’t look deeper into search intent, your targeted keywords might not work to your advantage.

Ignoring Internal Link Structure

Internal links are as important as your site backlinks. Through the internal link, search engine can track how this page is relevant to a specific set of keywords. Not having a proper and fully optimised internal link might cause confusion and affect the way bots will index and crawl you site’s pages.

Neglecting Continuous Monitoring

SEO is a continuous process. Sudden changes may appear along the way. What works before may not be the case today. This is why it’s necessary that you’re consistently checking your initiatives and site’s health. If you attend a corporate SEO training course in Hong Kong, you’ll see how digital marketers emphasise regular monitoring. Since Google tend to release updates without even announcing anything.

The Horror of Duplicate Content

For content ideas, it is easy to run out of them but don’t be tempted to duplicate them if you’re in a bind. This will create bigger trouble in the future. Besides, you are allowed to repurpose content, just make sure to add some new and fresh twist.

May this list serve as your guide when it comes to running your own SEO campaign. Be sure you take note of these things so you can avoid doing any of them in the future. Newbie or not, it’s important to make yourself aware of these so keep them in mind.