Avoid These 3 SEO Rookie Mistakes

seo duplicate content

So, you’re ready to make your business website polished and easily searchable. What should you do next? Sure, you can find different online resources on how to optimize your site. But how can you be sure you’re not making a costly mistake instead?

Usually in a Hong Kong SEO training course, experts not only teach you the best practices but also help you know how to spot beginner mistakes, like the following:

1.) Too many pages

too many website pages

One important thing you need to remember is to make browsing your site, be it on desktop or mobile, easy for your visitors. But having too many pages, confusing menus, and irrelevant hashtags can make that experience bad for potential clients.   

You need to have a good site structure so you can better organize the content you want to put on your site. Do you really need to have hundreds of web pages? Do the tags match the purpose of the page? Considering these things beforehand can SEO easier for beginners.

2.) Bad keywords

bad seo keywords

Keyword research is the backbone of every SEO strategy. If you mess it up, you might end up losing potential customers to your competitors who have better and more relevant keywords. Take time to do your keyword research and use tools like Google trends to map out the best keywords you can use.

3.) Duplicate content

Don’t just copy content from other sites, unless you want to be penalized by Google or lose credibility with your customers. If you feel the need to use the information you found, cite the source instead and provide links as much as possible. This works better if you are using authoritative sites like publications such as the New York Times or government websites, as reference sites

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It’s okay to make mistakes if you’re a beginner. But when it comes to SEO it’s always better if you could avoid them altogether. Keep these things in mind as you learn more about optimizing your website.