Combining SEO and PPC: How to Develop Your Digital Strategy


“Do I choose SEO or PPC as my strategy?” This is a common question that businesses ask when they talk to digital marketing experts or when they try to develop their own strategy. While SEO and PPC are done differently, this doesn’t mean you have to choose one over the other. It’s a matter of knowing how to combine both to maximize your online presence.

As you dive into corporate SEO training in Hong Kong, learn the merits of using SEO and PPC together. Here are a few tips from the experts:

Experiment with Keywords


One great thing that comes out of using PPC and SEO is you can determine which keywords to rank for your business. With PPC, you can experiment keywords to use for your SEO strategy. Choose a keyword that is highly relevant to your products and has ranking opportunities for your PPC strategy. See how it performs, and if the results are good, you can use that keyword to start optimizing your website.

Promote Your Content


If you have a high performing blog post, you can use PPC to promote it on search results and get more traffic. This allows to build awareness for your content and attract the attention of more users. Later on, you can further optimize the content so you can let it rank organically.

While SEO and PPC are often thought to be on different sides of the digital marketing plane, you can still use them together to maximize online real estate. Let our experts help you develop a strategy that incorporates both.