Developing a Lead Generation Strategy: A Guide for Startups

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“How do I get leads?”

This is often among the many questions that startup owners ask at the onset of their business. For the most part, startups often rely on referrals to pump leads into their business. However, if you want to scale your startup and become the next multi-million revenue business, you’ll need a lot more than referrals.

Here are some pointers when developing your startup’s lead generation strategy:

Improve Your Website’s SEO

Your customers are online. This goes to show that your business should be there, too. If you can’t find your website when you do a quick Google search, do you think customers will be able to find you?

Boosting your online channels is an important aspect when it comes to lead generation in digital marketing. Optimize your website with relevant, high-quality content. Use keywords that your customers are likely typing on search queries.  Be sure your business is optimized for local queries, so your website will appear on local results.

Use Opt-ins with Lead Magnets

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An opt-in is a pop-up that appears on a specific page on your website. Some businesses use this to announce special offers or drive leads to a landing page with a downloadable content. Examples of these are ebooks, whitepapers, product guides, or even webinar invites. You can use opt-ins to capture contact information of your leads and add them into your emailing list for your nurturing campaigns.

Provide Compelling Ads

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There’s nothing wrong with sticking to the organic way of generating leads, but using ads can give your business a little push. Ads appear at the top of search results—even higher than organic results. With a compelling ad copy and the right keywords, your business can appear in front of customers every time they search for your target keywords. For a startup, you don’t need a big budget. Allocate a $100 for a paid ad campaign, and you’re all set.

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If you’re serious about scaling your startup, it’s time to give lead generation a great deal of consideration. Implement the right strategy and you’ll soon find your pipeline flowing with the right leads.