The Importance of having the Support of a Digital Marketing Agency

In the digital era where advanced technology reigns and everything is fast and reliable, the marketing for small and local businesses, the odds stack up in favor of going with a digital marketing agency. Digital Marketing agencies have strategic plans and methods that are much faster and more precise because of the help of technology such as websites, cellular phones and computers.

Nowadays, business tends to rely on digital because the barrier to entry in the digital realm is comparatively low, it’s much cheaper, and there are many more options and channels to choose from to market your business online with digital marketing. The people are already digital so it is so easy to reach them as long as you have precise marketing strategies.

The advantage of a Digital Marketing Agency

The advantage of a Digital Marketing Agency

Different kinds of business strategies were made for a business to grow and one of them is Digital Marketing. Sometimes, a business or company hires a digital marketing agency to expand their strategies and performances. A digital marketing agency is a company that specializes in online marketing and digital engagement. 

Digital marketing agencies tend to stay away from traditional advertising channels such as newspapers, television, radio, and print. Instead, they focus on marketing the business’s service through search engines, social media platforms, and display ads on other websites. They take advantage of the digital era and reap the benefits of its convenience in marketing,

The digital marketing agency offers a variety of advanced marketing strategies

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Digital marketing agency aims to market your business online and to make your business grow quickly but still have solid foundations.

Increase the business’s overall sales

A digital marketing agency will help your business increase its online sales. Your overall online presence, visibility, and ability to generate leads will increase and it will give more solid results and are all related to the number of sales you end up making as long as the marketing strategy is efficient and effective for the business.

When the digital marketing agency increases your visibility and pumps up your number of total leads, sales will naturally follow and the growth of the business will grow exponentially.

Strategy to increase your Leads

A digital marketing agency will be able to help you to increase the number of your leads online and also they can increase the chance to convert your traffic into qualified leads. 

People who visit your website are potential traffic that can generate sales through conversion and marketing.

The improvement of the Business’ online presence

The digital marketing agencies will use your niche and industry to determine what will be the best online marketing channels to engage in to get the most out of your target customers. They will build a campaign to spread as much awareness for your business as possible to increase your presence in any channel and increase your engagement with your potential customers.

Business owners are advised to extend their capacity and hire digital marketing agencies like or undergo digital marketing training hong kong to ensure the growth of their business in the digital world.


The Significance of Digital Marketing and SEO for every Business 

As a business owner, they have the momentum to get space and learn SEO and digital marketing to help their business grow. Proper SEO strategies determine the rank of your website in search engines with proper analysis of keywords and most searches of people in the network. It is very important as it keeps the search results fair with hard work and strategies, a website with a ranking deserves that spot.

In another business strategy, digital marketing is one of the components of marketing that uses the Internet and online-based digital technological devices such as desktop computers, mobile phones and other digital media assets, software and platforms to promote products and services. 

Employing combinations of search engine optimization or SEO and any digital marketing strategies will help the business grow.

The purpose of SEO in any business websites

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Search engine optimization or SEO is the process involving the improvement of the quality and quantity of the traffic on a website or any web page from different known search engines like Google and Safari. It targets the unpaid or organic traffic that visits or lands on a business website or pages.

Search Engine Optimization or SEO provides optimization to your visibility online. The more people or visitors see your website, the more it increases the online traffic to your online website. This means good sales as it is the fruit of your visibility to customer engagement and research ranking in search bars.

What is Digital Marketing in any business?

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Digital marketing is a type of business strategy that has a set of specializations in providing the latest marketing trends for businesses and maximizing efficient tools that will help generate strategic plans to improve and make the business stand out in the market. 

With digital marketing strategies, they can give effective marketing campaigns and increase visibility on any search engine. Proper fundamentals can be achieved when hiring an agency that has special strategies in digital marketing. 

Some agencies offer course training and even the basic fundamentals are achievable when trained by specialists.

What are the most effective SEO and Digital Marketing courses

With so many available effective SEO and digital marketing courses out there, only the top courses that can be offered fully fledged knowledge can consider the most effective courses regarding SEO and digital marketing. 

With all the strategic and most well effective strategies available out there, Vishwas Thakkar is considered one of the top providers of the most effective SEO and Digital Marketing courses in Hong Kong and worldwide.

Vishwas Thakkar aims to give you fully equipped knowledge and strategies to make your business grow and have an effective layout of plans that will run for longer years.

With Vishwas Thakkar as an instructor of Digital Marketing and SEO training hong kong, he provides great courses and he can teach the most technical and advanced techniques that aim to grow your business further and reach more potential clients and customers and achieve greater sales.


Benefits of Brand Consistency

What is a Brand? 

It is the combination of a company’s visual, vocal, and social projections to create a brand identity. You might not notice, but you are most likely more exposed to this marketing concept than you know. 

The power of brands can be easily identified and defined for large organizations like Google, Nike, or McDonald’s. But, its impact is not limited to these big-named companies, local businesses will also benefit from branding campaigns.

What is Branding?

If your brand determines how the public sees your company, branding is the process of building an image of how you want to be perceived.

Some mistake the process as simply using the same logo variations on everything the business produce. Though it does really contribute a lot to the process, branding is so much more than that. 

The undertaking of image branding requires a company to undergo a lot of planning and decision-making. Consideration including the company’s values and personality, down to the tone they use when addressing consumers, are taken into account.

Where to Learn Proper Branding?

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The internet gives free access to the steps and procedures you need to learn, or you can reach out for more professional guidance. A lot of digital marketing training courses in Hongkong provide in-depth guidance on how to do solid brand building. Consulting an expert might bring to light, things you might overlook if you do it on your own.

Benefits of a Consistent Brand

There are several success factors in a brand campaign, one of which is consistency. Digital marketing experts acknowledge brand consistency as a critical step toward brand awareness. 

Brand Awareness

A consistent brand increases the chances of brand recall. The company or the product becomes memorable and it’s easier for people to choose it over another brand that they haven’t heard of. A consistent branding strategy makes your product more recognizable. Getting that advantage is crucial for fast-deciding consumers. 

Increase in Sales

An increase in brand awareness results in more engagements and ultimately more purchases. The buying process does not only comprise the actual paying and receiving of goods. It is also largely affected by the process of leading the consumers toward choosing the product.


A consistent branding effort builds trust. Having consistency in branding comes across as a sincere effort to win consumers over. It also creates a positive impression of a dependable image. It’s easy for consumers to develop loyalty towards a brand that puts out consistent effort. 

Effects of Branding Inconsistencies

brand awareness strategy

An inconsistent brand brings the risk of confusing the target audience. A confused target audience is unlikely to behave in their intended manner. 

Low recognition decreases the chance of a consumer intentionally looking for your brand and eventually choosing your product. It’s easy to drown in a sea of competition when your product does not have one consistent image they can associate it with. Marketing efforts are in danger of being wasted without yielding any results.

Recipe of a Great Brand

The science of creating that perfect brand for a product can be a simple or complicated endeavor depending on the company. Each one will encounter different struggles but they are also factors that can make the journey and end product better. Learn how to make your product stand out. 

There is no one recipe to build successful brands, instead, it’s the combination of factors that makes up the perfect identity for your product.


SEO or PPC: Which is the Better Choice?

SEO and PPC ads are digital marketing strategies used to make online content more visible. 

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO or PPC: Which is the Better Choice?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization focuses on making content rank better organically in a SERP (Search Engine Results Page). Ranking high in a SERP is crucial in making your content visible and attracting traffic to your website.

Since search engines use algorithms to crawl the internet for content, SEO best practices act as a guide on how to improve visibility step by step. 

PPC (Pay-Pay-Click)

As the name suggests, PPC or pay-per-click relies on payment in exchange for a favorable placement in a SERP. Pay is only delivered every time the advertisement is clicked on, thus the name. 

In a way, it can be considered a premium advertisement service. A business or entity pays a website to appear on top of the SERP regardless of their site’s ranking and authority. 


Despite having the same goal, each has its own strengths and weakness. Understanding what you need and what each can give is crucial in choosing which strategy to employ.

Direct Cost

SEO involves cost in the initial stages where the website is created and research is done. Once the strategies are in the works, the costs decrease dramatically. 

In comparison, PPC is a probable potential expense until the advertisement is up and running.

Effort and Skills Required


SEO takes a lot of planning, improvement, and work. There are a lot of factors to consider for off-page and on-page optimization. SEO skills and training courses are offered specifically for this kind of need. Vishwas Thakkar provides SEO training in Hong Kong and proves to be one of the most reliable sources of such services.

PPC is much more straightforward. It only requires the user to come up with the best keyword to feature.


While SEO might dominate benefits on the online search platform, it does not directly affect social media visibility.  This hurts SEO’s reach since social media is one of the most accessible digital marketing platforms today. 

PPC is available on other platforms in different forms. SEO strategies cannot reach outside online searches, but PPC ads can. It also gives the user the option to reach a specific target audience.

Visibility Duration

SEO starts with low visibility and grows as it ranks more even without additional effort. 

PPC ads lose visibility as soon as the ads are taken down.

Website Traffic

SEO provides a better source of website traffic since it involves linking multiple pages to one website.

PPC can produce a spike in website traffic when ads are clicked, but there is no collective traffic from different source pages.

Search Engine Ranking

SEO ranking accumulates over time. 

PPC does not affect search engine ranking

How Long to See Results

SEO is a long game. Expect that there will be no immediate results. It takes at least half a year to show significant results and several years to see the results in full bloom. It takes time for search engines to crawl and index your content, and even longer to rank. This fact does not discount the benefits of proper SEO

PPC provides instant results and even places the ads on top of organic search results. It’s perfect if you need instant visibility.


SEO in general can provide the best long-term cost-effective strategy, while PPC ads achieve results with not much effort and can launch campaigns faster.

Your choice will be based on your needs. If you are willing to invest time and effort in planning and building your website, choose SEO. If you have a specific product or campaign to launch and have enough resources to spend, choose PPC. 

One strategy is obviously better than the other depending on the situation, but you can also choose to employ both for a more rounded approach.


5 Things Every Digital Marketing Agency Do

You have a great product but sales are not adding up? You have the resources but not the experience? You might be in need of a digital marketing agency.

Services offered by digital marketing services include a wide variety of services including, but not limited, to inbound campaigns, social media management, web design and consultancy. 

Some agencies focus on specialized solutions but there are also some who offer the whole package as well. 

Let us look into the duties that most digital marketing agencies undertake, regardless of specialization.

Knowing your Business

To have an understanding of your baseline and where they should start, they will do research on your company, your products and target market. Knowing more about you is an important stage any decent marketing agency does. 

They can’t sell what they don’t know and it’s also a way for them to generate genuine ideas from your company’s strengths and vision. 

Evaluating your Marketing Efforts

You might have an internal marketing department but some companies still hire outsourced agencies to either overhaul the marketing strategies or supplement marketing efforts during special campaigns. 

Some also form partnerships with agencies for skill development. If a company from Hong Kong focuses on SEO marketing, Corporate SEO training in HK can be done regularly to make sure employees are up to date on the latest practices.

If you do not have in-house marketing, agencies will assign a team who will handle your company and will keep in touch with you regularly. Even if there is no existing department in charge, people from the agency will still conduct interviews with the most knowledgeable person from the hiring company.

It is the agency’s job to properly assess the previous marketing efforts, what’s working, what’s not, identify the problems and come up with solutions. 

Improving Brand Awareness

Various strategies like SEO and content marketing can easily boost your brand into being more recognizable. If you want to know more about this strategy, offers SEO training specifically tailored for your business.  

Improving visibility is one thing, but they also work to improve your reputation and your user’s loyalty. The best brand awareness strategy can put you on a user’s top of the head brand when the need arises or even when just related topics come up.  That is power. 

Delighting your Audience

Marketing agencies establish a status of expertise by making sure they can deliver. Widening your reach means increasing your customer base. It does not necessarily mean targeting more people, but more of targeting the right people more effectively. 

A competent agency does not only focus on numbers, but on quality of exchange between your online persona and online users. Whether your company focuses on social media, website, emails, or cold calling, your agency will implement strategies for those to work effectively. 

Generating Leads

Like the previous duties of an agency, lead generation can also be achieved through different combinations of marketing strategies. From being a website’s visitor to being a customer, agencies build the bridges that can close the gap in between. 

Being one of the most important metrics used by marketers to measure success, lead generation is usually included as a goal of every marketing plan. 

A marketing agency can do a lot of things for you, but most importantly, they give you the chance to focus more on your passion rather than the selling side of it.

You can comfortably direct your effort on your line of expertise when you’re confident that the marketing side is handled by an expert as well.


Pros and Cons of Running a Digital Marketing Agency

With the surge of the digital era and having every product and service being marketed online, the need for digital marketing professionals has been growing steadily. A lot of marketing agency start-ups have emerged, taking advantage of such opportunities. Well, who wouldn’t want running their own company and being your own boss, right? 

Contrary to popular belief though, being the big man also has its setbacks. Like every other business for profit, diving into the market on your own has its own pros and cons. 


Potential Income. Possible margin of income for businesses, especially those involving services are already high since they factor in labor and expertise. Adding the possibility of catering to multiple clients at once, these can easily push the potential monetary gains at a higher ceiling.

Personal Satisfaction and Growth. What most people underestimate is the feeling of fulfillment from a successful project and the confidence one gains for overcoming every challenge in between. The feeling of achievement and self-improvement is a win in itself. 

Flexibility. The ability to choose the amount of time you invest in your company and the place on which business takes place are very strong points to make you consider going independent. You can have freedom of lifestyle or make the work hours most suitable for you. Setting the workplace as remote also gives you the privilege to work from home, an arrangement that a lot of us find convenient and practical.


You are on your own. Since you have now become the boss, you are now to figure out every aspect of the business by yourself. I’m not saying that you are a one man team because obviously you will hire people under you but to some extent you need to learn and understand the whole business process. 

Handling People. One of the business resources that is most difficult to handle would be manpower. From filtering applicants, to ensuring they do their tasks and meeting deadlines and output targets, these are all achieved only by properly managing your team and that is a whole separate set of skills from just being good in marketing.

Demanding physically and mentally. While we mentioned flexibility in time invested, time committed can also be an issue. Since you assume the most responsibility, there will be times when you would need to devote more time than what your paid employees do. As time passes whether you become a success or not, stress build-up may cause health concerns.

Something that we can consider both a pro and a con is that your agency’s success relies heavily on YOU. Risks involved can yield the worst outcome or the best rewards. 

After weighing the positives and negatives, it might still be intimidating to start an agency on your own. Luckily, there are companies like that conduct training sessions to guide you. Headed by Vishwas Thakkar, a digital marketing strategist in Hong Kong, they boast years of experience in the field. You can learn the trends first and study how marketing agencies currently work so you can arrive at a better conclusion.


Improve Your Content Calendar for Twitter Mastery

Twitter was established in March 2006. According to Statistica, as of 2Q 2021, Twitter had 206 million monetizable daily active users worldwide. Getting the attention of just a fraction of that number can easily set your business for success.

However, the nature of Twitter makes it hard to use for content marketers due to its short content half-life. Your content gets half of its interactions within 30 minutes. If it does not get that initial engagement, it is highly unlikely that it will get it some other time in the future, as millions of new tweets would have flushed it out of the timeline or searches by then.

It takes careful planning to make your Twitter content calendar effective at drawing engagement and helping with your overall goals. Let’s take a look at some things that can help you:

Mentioning other users

If you’ve ever seen celebrities tagging each other to start a discussion, you’d know that this simple mention easily increases your content’s reach. You want more eyeballs on your content to spotlight your brand. However, when mentioning other users, make sure you are not doing so in an inflammatory way, lest those eyeballs look at your brand negatively!

Leverage trending topics

Anyone who’s ever checked trending topics will see those posts that include all hashtags in an attempt to direct more attention to their content, which is often spammy. Thankfully, because of that shorter half-life, they easily disappear in the tags. Spam aside, you can leverage trending topics to reach audiences who may not be aware of your brand but are interested to know more about a particular topic. Make sure the content you are tagging is relevant to the audience so that you will not be muted or blocked.

Unleash the humour

Aside from content aimed at converting leads, you can also inject some humorous tweets into your calendar to build that following, which you can then convert at a later date. Search engine optimization training 101 would tell you to write content for humans, and if there’s one thing to remember about humans, it’s that they don’t like marketers. Most social media users do not like when brands fill up their feed with content that blatantly aims to sell to them, but they do enjoy humorous content and may even be inclined to share them with their followers.

These retweets and quote-retweets may even get you to the Topics section, where you can reach even more users. Keep your branded content to less than 20% of your posts, so that followers will not be inclined to unfollow.

Use graphics and captions that draw attention

Twitter is especially useful for users who are on the go and want to see what’s happening at a glance. They do not go to Twitter to click to read through all the blog posts linked. They will click on those links if the first touchpoint–the graphics and the caption–makes the story seem interesting enough to disrupt their scrolling.

Twitter was famously known for the Twitter crop, which may result in important elements of your post being lost unless users click to see the whole image. To avoid this, design your content keeping the dimensions of the platform in mind, and add a strong caption to go with it.

Twitter can be a powerful part of your content marketing strategy if used properly. For micro-moments and smaller pieces of content, use this platform to drive more engagement to your site.


5 SEO Tips for Brand Building

Building a brand takes several things into consideration. In this increasingly digital landscape, you want to be visible online, but more importantly, you want to be visible to the right target market. You also need to learn to pivot if the original business plan does not work.

With plenty of key metrics you want to track and metrics others suggest you track, it can be overwhelming to get started. Focus on these five tips first.

Establish your brand voice

Every type of content you publish moving forward will need a consistent brand voice tying them together. Having a clear brand voice will make it easy to onboard new members of the team. It will also help you relate to your target audience. In fact, your brand voice should be aligned with the target audience you want to target, so they should be determined together.

Play around with free social media channels

Creating accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tiktok and many other social media platforms is free. Take the time to establish all these in the early part of brand building, because you also need to protect your brand from individuals who might try to use your name in the future.

Once you have those channels set up, turn them into active lead generation channels. After some time, you will notice that certain channels may be performing better than others, and this will give you an idea of where you should focus your attention and marketing budget moving forward.

Have a clear SEO marketing strategy

Brand building relies heavily on your SEO marketing strategy, especially in a climate that is highly competitive. You may have an established brand voice and a fully-functioning website, but with no SEO marketing strategy in place, all of these will go to waste. You need content to help you improve your SEO, and you need to know what that content should focus on.

Work on your timing and delivery

Successful comedians agree that timing and delivery make or break a good job. And this is happening in real-time, in front of a live audience. There is no room for mistakes. Be as meticulous as a successful comedian when it comes to the timing and delivery of your content.

Know when your audience is most engaged, and know what channels work effectively for them. Some may be more responsive and engaged on Instagram over the weekends, while others might be preferring Facebook during weekday break times. This knowledge is something you acquire after assessing your target audience’s behaviour, but you may also refer to industry standards to establish a baseline.

Never underestimate the power of email marketing

As mentioned earlier, creating your social media accounts often come free. The challenge is reaching your audience or subscribers because this is often where platforms like Facebook take their profit. Even if you have a million followers, your content will not necessarily be seen by all of them unless you pay for boosting.

Email marketing, on the other hand, can be seen by each and every recipient of the email. Your goal for email marketing is to make them open the email and engage with its contents. Building and growing a subscriber database can give you good returns, so make sure you are offering great content they will want to receive more of.

Brand building means doing everything in your power to put your brand out there, in the best light possible. Incorporate SEO in your marketing strategies, be consistent, and be patient.


4 Reminders When Writing SEO Content

There are billions of pieces of content available online. And consumption of these pieces of content has been at an all-time high during the pandemic. It is anticipated that this interest will only continue to grow. This means if you are not prioritizing SEO yet, it’s time for you to start. Continuing to ignore the importance of SEO may have drastic consequences for your brand.

If you’re ready to start writing or improving your content for SEO, here are some reminders to get you started:

Write for Humans

Write for Humans

Lead generation is the ultimate focus of companies, and to get there, you first need to be visible and hold an enviable position in the market. This does not mean you need thousands of marketing funds. This means you need to package your content to be the best source of information for your human clients. Yes, SEO is all about search engine optimization, but remember that search engine results pages aim to be helpful for the very same humans you are hoping to target. If your content is not helpful, you will be pushed lower down the ranks.

Focus on the Buyer Intent

Focus on the Buyer Intent

Related to the first point, the intent of the prospect plays a role in the kind of content you write. Lead generation in digital marketing means Hong Kong companies need to understand where in the marketing funnel the prospect currently sits. Then, you want to slowly guide them to the next funnel until they convert and go through with the sale.

Those who are in the awareness stage may be requiring information about a particular topic or product, and your role is to serve the information they need. Those who are in the consideration stage might want to know more about the help you can provide through your services and products in addressing their problem. Those who are ready to convert need to be guided to the process with ease.

Make it Easy to Convert

Once a prospect is ready to convert, it should be as easy as clicking a button. There should be a clear call-to-action on your page–one that answers “what’s next.” If they finally want to schedule a meeting with you or add an item to cart, they should be able to do so without needing to navigate three more pages to get it done.

Listen to Feedback

No one trying to find your content, contacting you for more information, buying a product, or acquiring a service has a more genuine experience than your actual clients. This is why their feedback is important. If they are happy with one thing you are doing, then you can continue doing that. But if there’s anything that’s causing friction, your product development team should be aware of it and find a way to improve it in the future.

Consider the data you gather in the backend as well. If you are noticing high bounce rates or no clicks on your CTA, perhaps there is something hindering prospects from proceeding with the next step.

SEO writing is not just about writing content that will rank in the search engine results pages. It is also a way for you to understand your market and make lead generation and conversion easier.


Essentials for Startups: SEO, Lead Training and Brand Building for Success

Startups typically have a small team, to begin with. This smaller company size can be the boon or bane of your business existence. With a small team usually comes a small office, which means it’s easier to communicate with each other. There are also fewer levels of decision-makers to go through when you want to implement something.

On the other hand, a smaller team understandably means smaller manpower and less time to achieve a certain KPI. The long and short of it: Your small team should focus its efforts on the tasks that will have the most impact on your brand. It also means being aligned when it comes to the company’s priorities.

Given the limitation of having a smaller team, training is essential to increase your chances of success. Here are the essentials startups should get training for:

SEO Writing

There are huge differences between SEO writing and copywriting. Both of them are necessary for the growth of your company, but if you can only afford to have one full-time writer, have one who knows how to write for SEO. This person can help your team improve your organic ranking on search engine results pages, which increases the visibility of your brand in return. It also casts a wider net of potential needs generated.

One of the fundamental differences between an SEO writer and a copywriter is the reason for their writing: A copywriter creates a need, while an SEO writer addresses a need. Focus your efforts on those whose needs have already been established, and provide the solution from your brand. If they know how you can help, they will be more willing to convert.

Lead Generation

With an established mission and vision, it’s time for your startup company to start generating leads. This does not happen overnight, and it definitely does not happen without you putting in some effort. Not to worry–you’ve already done the training for SEO writing (if you followed the previous tip) so now your next goal is to generate and convert those leads. Here, lead generation training can provide you with the best practices for doing so. A good trainer can also help you identify qualified leads so that you are focusing your effort on the leads that actually have a higher potential to convert.

Brand Building

SEO experts agree that the authority and authenticity of your brand matter as much as your organic ranking. When you have a good reputation, more clients will want to approach you. Conversely, if you have a bad reputation, you will find that even bidding for competitive keywords will generate fewer leads. Nurturing your brand takes some work, but some of it may even be free. Simple commitments to customer service, such as being responsive to queries, and providing factual information, can already help build your brand.

Turn your past clients into advocates for even better results. Case studies and testimonials help build your brand for long-term success.

Success may seem elusive, but when you focus on the tasks that have a big impact on your company, that success will come sooner. Set your long-term strategies in place so that you can reap the rewards eventually.