Essentials for Startups: SEO, Lead Training and Brand Building for Success

Brand Building Optimization

Startups typically have a small team, to begin with. This smaller company size can be the boon or bane of your business existence. With a small team usually comes a small office, which means it’s easier to communicate with each other. There are also fewer levels of decision-makers to go through when you want to implement something.

On the other hand, a smaller team understandably means smaller manpower and less time to achieve a certain KPI. The long and short of it: Your small team should focus its efforts on the tasks that will have the most impact on your brand. It also means being aligned when it comes to the company’s priorities.

Given the limitation of having a smaller team, training is essential to increase your chances of success. Here are the essentials startups should get training for:

SEO Writing

There are huge differences between SEO writing and copywriting. Both of them are necessary for the growth of your company, but if you can only afford to have one full-time writer, have one who knows how to write for SEO. This person can help your team improve your organic ranking on search engine results pages, which increases the visibility of your brand in return. It also casts a wider net of potential needs generated.

One of the fundamental differences between an SEO writer and a copywriter is the reason for their writing: A copywriter creates a need, while an SEO writer addresses a need. Focus your efforts on those whose needs have already been established, and provide the solution from your brand. If they know how you can help, they will be more willing to convert.

Lead Generation

With an established mission and vision, it’s time for your startup company to start generating leads. This does not happen overnight, and it definitely does not happen without you putting in some effort. Not to worry–you’ve already done the training for SEO writing (if you followed the previous tip) so now your next goal is to generate and convert those leads. Here, lead generation training can provide you with the best practices for doing so. A good trainer can also help you identify qualified leads so that you are focusing your effort on the leads that actually have a higher potential to convert.

Brand Building

SEO experts agree that the authority and authenticity of your brand matter as much as your organic ranking. When you have a good reputation, more clients will want to approach you. Conversely, if you have a bad reputation, you will find that even bidding for competitive keywords will generate fewer leads. Nurturing your brand takes some work, but some of it may even be free. Simple commitments to customer service, such as being responsive to queries, and providing factual information, can already help build your brand.

Turn your past clients into advocates for even better results. Case studies and testimonials help build your brand for long-term success.

Success may seem elusive, but when you focus on the tasks that have a big impact on your company, that success will come sooner. Set your long-term strategies in place so that you can reap the rewards eventually.