Four Digital Marketing Predictions for 2022

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What is the future of digital marketing? Are we seeing new trends in 2022 or will it be pretty much the same as the current trends? Here are some of the predictions digital marketers must brace themselves for.

Shift to Content Selling

Companies are starting to revolutionize their content marketing, which is giving rise to content selling. This concept pertains to the creation of content to support sales processes. Marketers are taking strategic approach to create highly effective content and match their content strategy with the customer journey to win in content selling. 

Voice Search

Not entirely new, voice search is seen to remain relevant in the coming years. In the US, for instance, voice commerce sales are projected to amount to $40 billion in 2022. This should be enough reason for marketers and businesses to take content optimization for voice search very seriously. 

Website Personalization

Experts are also seeing personalized websites as the “it” trend in the coming years. Amazon, for instance, has been practicing it. Website personalization allows sites to read visitors behavior to be able to customize their pages according to what the visitor is interested in.

Gen Z Domination

Gen-Zers now represent a huge chunk of consumers. To please this generation of consumers, brands must look into different strategies. One is by working with social media influencers and brand ambassadors to influence consumer behavior. Another is by focusing on video content. More and more people today are watching product review videos and tutorials to learn more about product they plan on buying. This means videos are becoming even more effective as a marketing tool.

These are only some of the predictions on how digital marketing will be in 2022 and the years after. Marketers and just about any businesses with online presence must look into and prepare for these trends so they remain competitive.

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