Four Ways to Boost Company Blog Performance

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Business blogging can be quite complicated. You have to make all things right for it to work for the company’s interests. There are a number of factors to look into if you want your company blog to contribute to your business success. These include SEO, content promotion, and blog design.

The good news is there simple ways to improve the performance of your blog. Here are some tips and tricks from the experts.

Include client testimonials

Your blog must not always revolve around your brand; it must also include your customers. Feature client testimonials once in a while. This form of content serves as social proof; it shows who you are as a brand, how you perform or deliver, and how you commit to provide quality product or service to your customers.

Work with influencers

Create a roundup post with social media influencers, bloggers, or popular internet celebrities. This is a smart way to build relationship with these people, but more importantly, it helps you to extend the reach of your blog. Naturally, these people would share your blog post to their followers. Improved exposure means better traffic!

Be audience-centric

Again, your blog should not always be about you, but your audience. Always consider them when writing a blog post. Learn about who your audience really is. Are they professionals who are as skilled as you? Are they beginners who need guidance? Also look into their biggest concerns and how you can help solve them.

Know what’s already written

This might sound like a basic task, but not all people are very keen on checking their existing blog content. Audit your existing posts so that you get a clearer view of what’s already covered. This should help you explore other ideas and concepts that haven’t been discussed and issues that haven’t been addressed. If you find something lacking, go fill the gaps with one quality post. And while you’re at it, plan ahead and create a blog content calendar. Learn more about SEO and blogging by taking SEO training in Hong Kong.