Free SEO Tools You Should Use

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Is there anything better than free stuff? Yes! Free stuff that help you achieve extra website traffic, rank, credibility, and revenue to your business. 

Fortunately, these free tools we are talking about actually exists and are just out there waiting for you to utilize them.

Here are some of the collection of the top free SEO tools that will absolutely be helpful for your site:

Google Analytics

Do you need data source that provides high-quality and detailed information? Google Analytics is the best answer. All the significant and workable data about site visitors, traffic, and more comes from this tool. If you are not yet using this yet, now’s the time to start!


This is an all-in-one SEO tool designed to ace your way to success in SEO. There are a lot of data you can get from this tool, especially for your keyword research. With Ubersuggest, you can have your needed keywords that will allow you to create fresh and quality content to help your website rank. 


MozBar will help you discover the right information in a single glance. By using this, you can create an instant report on the website you are visiting. MozBar’s others features are more useful to its subscribers, but this one free feature is definitely helpful for startups.

SEOWorkers Analysis Tool

This free tool allows you to generate a report from any website by using its website URL. It helps you save a lot of time in analysis and also provides background information about the website.

Here are just some of the useful tools you can utilize for your own SEO. However, these tools, just like any other resource, need knowledge and practice, too. Step up your knowledge in SEO by researching or joining course such as search engine optimization training in Hong Kong

With the right training and the free tools available online, learning the ins and outs of the industry will be easier.