How to Become an SEO Writer

How to Become an SEO Writer

To become an SEO writer, you won’t need an SEO training Hong Kong or formal education on it. While an SEO course would surely help, all you need to be a writer is some writing skills and the ability to follow directions. There are certain requirements that you need to follow to produce good SEO content. There are also standards set to make content effective.

If you want to start practicing SEO writing, the best path to take is to find writing opportunities online. Simply check the requirements of the job (keywords, links, word count, etc) and start typing. Be careful with using keywords though. Know that using a keyword too many times on the copy (known as keyword stuffing) can do more harm than good to your client. Other than the limit, the keywords must be used as natural as possible on the copy that your write.

Your clients may also have specific requirements on the scope, theme, voice, and quality of the content. Adhere to these requirements while making sure you write a piece that is concise, informative, and relevant to the needs of the target audience.

Build a writer’s portfolio by compiling some of your best works. Most clients would require you to submit samples so they can determine your level of competence and style as a writer. Knowing this, only show them the content pieces that you are most proud of. In some cases, you can simply submit links to your previous works.

Constant practice is also important in growing your expertise as an SEO writer. It is also a smart move to work on projects that involve different subject matters as opposed to focusing on just a particular field. Try to work with clients from different industries and professionals. This should help widen your knowledge and hone your skills in using different tones and exploring unique themes. The service of SEO writers remains in-demand due to the fact that content remains king in the SEO world. So if you think you have the skill set, might as well try working as an SEO writer.