How to Develop a Buyer-Centric SEO Strategy


Back in the day when SEO was new, webmasters tried different aspects to game the search engine. That won’t work today. An important aspect of SEO is optimizing for the users – a fact that Google continuously advocate. With users at the center, how do you develop your SEO strategy?

With professional SEO training in Hong Kong, you can learn about developing a buyer-centric approach in doing SEO. Here are a few ways you can achieve this:

Map Your Customers’ Journey


Your strategy starts with identifying where your customers are in the buyer’s journey. This allows you to develop content and align keywords based on their intent. For example, website blogs and infographics can be great content materials for attracting customers in the awareness stage.

Use Keywords as a Guide


Reinforce your strategy with keywords that your target audience are using. You can use different tools to determine which keywords have a high search volume – Ahrefs and Semrush are some of the most recommended.

Always Delight Your Customers


Contrary to common belief, the journey of customers doesn’t end with a conversion. You need to continuously build the relationship. How does this relate to your SEO strategy? You can do this by optimizing your website with engaging content and making customers come back by offering them value.

Your SEO strategy is just one aspect of your digital marketing initiatives. But always think of the user when developing your strategy. If you want to learn more about developing a buyer-centric SEO approach, we can show you the ropes. Talk to us!