How to Increase Your Digital Strategy Engagement

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The digital strategy training provides businesses with another channel for online promotions. However, some fail to utilize the power of social media. When they think of social media, they only think of scheduling post after post. What they don’t realize is this only covers the surface of social media.

A thorough social media strategy focuses on maximizing engagement. After all, how else will you know if your strategy is working if no one is interacting with it?

In this post, we will cover the different ways to increase engagement as you provide lead generation training for your team:

Hold Polls and AMA Sessions

social media

The fastest way to get customers to interact with your business is by posting polls and hosting “Ask Me Anything” sessions on your social media channels. This allows you to impart insights and deliver value that displays your brand’s expertise. Most importantly, this provides your business with intel about what customers are currently looking for.

Don’t Just Feature Your Own Content

Social media isn’t only a great place to post your own. It also provides you with a channel to share content from other industry authorities. When you mention an influencer and they picked up on it, there’s a high possibility of them resharing the content and making you visible to more people. This expands your presence to a wider audience.

Personalize Your Messages

It’s important to make customers feel that your message is addressed to them personally. This improves their affinity to your brand and shows your business cares about what customers think. This means you have to humanize your brand. Remember that people are more likely to trust real individuals and not just another faceless company.

Promoting your business through social media is not about getting content out there; it’s making real connections with your customers that matters.