Most Dominant Lead Generation Marketing Trends You Can’t Ignore in 2022

Lead Generation 2022

Looking back at the trends from marketing in the previous years, so many has changed and have been improved. Some of these changes have an effect on the trends of lead generation in digital marketing in Hong Kong and tactics used in marketing as a whole. Trends would come and go, which is why some brands would understandably put more effort to keep up with these fast-evolving trends in lead generation.

The past few years due to the pandemic have led many people to shift and utilize digital spaces for interaction, which also made them independently search for answers instead of directly contacting the people that sell the products. This massive shift also made people shift from traditional service tools to more digital ones. Research shows there’s a 30% increase in the preference of customers to place orders online through apps, as more people become comfortable with remote selling.

Following these circumstances are the emergence of new lead generation trends. To adapt and act accordingly, get to know the newest, hottest lead generation trends for the year 2022:

Voice Search Marketing

Recent data revealed that there are now at least 133 million smart speaker owners all over the world, establishing voice search as one of the most used methods of search by users. Long-tail keywords are given more emphasis because prospects are more likely to use every day speech patterns when using voice search. To attract more leads, your content should be a bit more casual and mimic real-life conversations. Businesses should also focus on using phrases that are more likely to be used by their target audience.

Intent Data

This lead generation trend is on the rise for the year 2022. Intent data allows websites to gather information and pinpoint decision-makers or leads who are looking for solutions and specific answers to certain problems, and are more likely to purchase the product.

Intent data comes from any interaction that a prospect may have done with your website – from blog posts they’ve read or shared, or questions they may have sent, to other information collected from third-party sources. These information are recorded to identify leads better. It can significantly increase leads since these crucial information would make targeting leads easier and more accurately.

Influencer Marketing

In recent years, more businesses are seen investing in influencer marketing and partnering with internet influencers as a means to promote their services, as well as reach out to prospects. Linking your website in the content involving the influencer (or at least a mention) would come a long way in attracting hot leads. The goal is to branch out to the influencer’s audience, so it’s important to look into influencers that share your similar target audience, as well as your brand’s values.

Here are the current hottest lead generation trends for the year 2022. Using these trends to your advantage will establish a more update lead generation tactics, as well as attract more leads in the future!