SEO Keywords: Understanding the Different Types for Effective Research

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No SEO strategy is going to be a success without proper keyword research. You can’t expect great results for all your online marketing efforts if your chosen keywords are not properly targeted. So, what is the right approach when it comes to keyword research for a successful SEO campaign? With the right search engine optimization training and research, this will certainly be achievable. But first, you need to understand the different types available.

seo training keyword research

Head Terms

These refer to keywords containing a single word. As such, these usually get a huge amount of search volume and competition. When searchers do not specifically write the type of content they are looking for (For example, simply writing “vitamins” on the search bar instead of “vitamins for hair growth”), these types of keywords do not convert very well.

Body Keywords

Compared to head terms, body keywords are able to get a decent amount of search volume because these use at least 2-3 word phrases. Because these are more specific than head terms, these usually have a much lower number of competition, making them a bit more effective. According to the numbers, these get at least 2,000 searches every month. Some examples are “car insurance” or “order pet food online.”

Long Tail Keywords

As the name suggests, these keywords contain more than four word phrases containing very specific details. Compared to the two other types of keywords, these don’t acquire a huge search volume on their own. Every month, these only get around 10-200 searches. But, because these keywords don’t get a lot of volume, it also means these aren’t as competitive.

However, when long tail keywords are added altogether, majority of searches done online is comprised of these types of keywords. Some examples are “order effective hair growth vitamins online” or “affordable Halloween costumes for girls.”