Social Media Marketing Hacks for Businesses

The rise of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social platforms has changed the way businesses do marketing. When you think of marketing today, social media is one of the buzzwords that you’ll catch. However, there’s a difference between being on social media and using it to your advantage. The latter requires a great deal of thought if you want to engage and increase your social media presence.

In this post, we identify some of the best practices to help your business gain social media leverage:

Reinforce Your Social Media Knowledge

It’s one thing to be visible on social media, but knowing how to be make a solid presence is a completely different story. You need good social media acumen to implement strategies that maximizes your brand’s visibility. If your current team needs a little refresher, give them training for social media marketing. This allows them to be updated on social media trends and latest strategies that you can apply for your business.

Choose Your Social Media Platform

Not all social media sites provide the same level of visibility. If you’re looking for engagement, Facebook and Twitter are the best places to start. If you’re after building connections with thought leaders and industry authorities, LinkedIn is your best bet. Choosing your social media platform prevents you from spreading yourself thin and allows you to reach the right audience.


automate your social media postings

Use social media tools to schedule your posts at your preferred time and audience. This makes it easier to set up your social media calendar, which details the content you’ll be promoting. Using social media tools like Hootsuite and MeetEdgar allows you to automate posts on a different platforms, so you don’t have to do them individually at a time.

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The key with social media is to maximize engagement. It’s not only a great strategy for promoting your content, but also growing your brand.