Three Lead Generation Strategies Every Startup must Use

lead generation

Every startup is unique in its own way, so it pays to find a lead generation strategy that best suits it. But according to experts in digital lead generation strategies in Hong Kong, here are some of the best strategies that work for startups.

Make various opt-in opportunities

Opt-in opportunities can help lure in qualified leads. This can be as simple as a recipe, a blog post PDF, or a worksheet, or even a webinar or live demo. A blog post is the perfect avenue to offer your audience these things. Place the details of these opt-ins in a pop-up and make it sound as irresistible as possible. Encourage them to make a decision right there and then. While it is impossible to get a “yes” response all the time, make sure to give them a hard time saying “no.” Opt-ins can increase conversion by 32%.

Optimize your landing pages

For a landing page to deliver excellent conversion, it must say the message loud and clear and must provide the visitor an easy way to take action. Don’t make your visitors process too much information for it would simply overwhelm them. No five-minute video or a whole page report. Tell them right away what’s in it for them in the page and make it easily understandable as to what you want them to do.

Improve your ads

Sometimes ads don’t work because they are poorly written. They could be boring and not as compelling. When ads are properly written, they can raise your CTR above the anticipated average. As a result, your quality score goes up. Make your ads as unique as possible and give your target audience more than one reason to click and turn into a lead.

Gmail ads, in particular, are excellent means to reach a wider audience, particularly your target competitor’s customers. Through Gmail Ads, you can make your AdWords campaign to only reach users receiving email from your competitors. This means you can connect directly with people who use products or services similar to yours.

These are only some of the strategies startups must utilize to gain an edge in lead generation. Try including these on your strategy and see for yourself.