Top Sites to Learn SEO from


Enrolling in an SEO course gives you the opportunity to learn in a fast and organized manner. At the end of each course, they would award you a certificate that can be your ticket to a career or a higher position in the SEO industry. These courses are available at different price points depending on the provider, level, and scope of the training.

If you are willing to learn but don’t have the money to take an SEO training course Hong Kong, you can begin by learning from online resources. This is a great way to equip yourself with a basic understanding of SEO and familiarizing yourself with the concepts.

Here is a short list of excellent online resources you can check out according to Search Engine Journal.

Search Engine Land

Search Engine Land covers almost every nook and cranny of the search industry. They offer free comprehensive guides divided into different chapters. Their content are straight from industry experts who passionately share tips and strategies on SEO and PPC.


Formerly known as SEO Moz, Moz has a free SEO learning center that contains guides on everything that involves SEO. Their Beginner’s Guides, in particular, is a go-to place for newbies in the job. They also cover topics such as content and social media along with other advanced lessons on Google algorithms.

Google Webmaster Central Blog

Google Webmaster Central Blog offers complete guide under their General Guidelines and Webmasters Guidelines pages. Google is the world’s most popular search engine and most of SEO practices are dictated by this tech giant. Obviously their blog is one to check for news and updates in the search world.

These are only some of the free resources you can learn SEO from. Explore other authority sites and blogs for other options.