What to Look for an SEO Expert? – 5 Ways to Find Someone You Can Trust

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It’s always a challenge to find an effective and reliable SEO expert that would help you with your digital marketing campaign. The term has been practically thrown around a lot these days which makes the search even more difficult. You’ll see people from left and right claiming that they’re a seasoned specialist only to be disappointed by the level of work they’ve done.

That’s why to help you filter out the bad ones from the good, here’s a list of things you should look for an SEO specialist. 

Years & Level of Experience

People can bluff their way into establishing their own agency, but nothing can beat years of experience. By talking to a skilled SEO consult, you’ll know whether s/he is a sham or not. One good look to your website is enough to provide you with quick yet detailed analysis. This is why it’s important that you talk and discuss things with them. 

Industry Knowledge

Another important thing you should look at is the amount of understanding they’ve got in all bases of SEO. It’s not just about how your website looks like, but also their knowledge on on-page and off-page side of things. Only an expert can fully talk about these things with confidence.

Marketing Savvy

One of the giveaway traits of a legitimate SEO expert is their interest in marketing and all things related to it. More than just fixing the outer shell, they’ll also worry about how you’ll market and attract more customers to get to know your brand.


Although certifications don’t necessarily reflect how good a marketer is, it shows their passion for the industry. Usually, even the seasoned SEO specialists attend search engine optimisation training in Hong Kong to refresh their mind on the latest trends and practices.

These are just some of the traits you should be looking for an SEO expert. Aside from these, it matters that the person you’ll be working with is someone who’s very transparent and straightforward. This is because it’s easier to discuss things and resolve any future conflicts that may arise. In the end, it’s all you having better judgment on whom to trust.