Writing Effective Website Copy

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First things first, good website copy must engage and compel your visitors, rather than influence them to leave and look for another website that is more worth their while. But how do you really write effective website copy? Here are some tips and tricks to help you succeed on this crucial task.

Benefits > Features

Do not always go boasting how great your product or service is. Instead, write about what’s in it for the customers. Emphasize the benefits they can get from your product rather than the features they have. For instance, instead of discussing the technical specs of a camera product, talk about how clear and perfect the pictures you can take with it are. Remember, customers don’t really care about your company, image, or awards, they care about how you can provide solutions to their problem.

“Voice of the customer”

The voice of your website copy has a direct effect on your brand image. This is why it pays to use the right tone and style. But if you want to be compelling with your copy, think about using the so-called “voice of the customer.” It is a technique that prioritizes the customers’ wants and needs. It is a manner of describing customers’ experiences with and expectations for your offers using their own language. Think of the way customers write their reviews.

Intent, intent, intent

Lastly, put intent at the core of your web copywriting. Think about what the customer intends to do when they visit your site. In some cases, the intent is clear, such as buying a product. Other times, it can be hard to define a visitor’s intent. But to write with user intent in mind, you must stand from the perspective of that person. To do this, make sure every sentence provides the customer with relevant pieces of information or advances their understanding of what your brand does.

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