Lead Generation: Lead Types You Should Know

What is a Lead?

A lead is a potential person or entity that shows interest in your product. A basic lead includes information on the source to be used for further marketing efforts.

What is Lead Generation?

Lead generation is the process of getting those leads. This process aims to convert the leads into actual purchases. Proper strategies can increase the percentage of purchases in comparison to the total leads generated.

In line with generating leads is creating a sales funnel. It refers to the stages that one lead goes through leading to an actual purchase. 

The best leads are always comprised of your target market. It will be useless to get leads from people who don’t need your product or are unassociated with the audience you are aiming for. 

A company usually has teams from sales and marketing handling lead generation efforts. They can use combined efforts in formulating the best lead generation strategy to grow the business. There are also lead generation training services in Hong Kong that can be employed to provide expert guidance to in-house personnel.

To fully understand the different types of leads, we need to break them into 3 categories.

Leads Based on Interest

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The most basic and straightforward category is leads based on interest, and there are two types.

Inbound Leads

They are leads who reached out to you upon learning about your brand. It could be through a social media post, a blog, or a friend’s recommendation. Leads finding their way to your doorstep does not mean there were no strategies involved. Inbound marketing exploits the audience’s interest to make contents that are attractive to potential consumers.

Outbound Leads

This is achieved by initiating different forms of communication with people who are not aware of the product or services you offer. Unlike inbound which focuses on pulling potential consumers to content related to your product, outbound marketing pushes the product toward the target audience.

Leads based on Enrichment

Benefits of lead generation

The amount and quality of data you have determine how you can split leads in this category

Non-enriched Leads

These are leads that only contain the most basic information. They are usually only useful for targeting the source of the lead. Marketing information is also limited to a single lead.

Enriched Leads

Leads with enriched data hold more potential in marketing for a wider audience network. They may include information on affiliation, location, age, secondary contact details, and opinion. Enriched data give more insight and benefits than non-enriched ones.

Leads Based on Qualifications

funnel of lead generation

This is measured based on the quality of interest and the lead’s stage in the sales funnel.

Marketing Qualified Lead

This refers to leads in the initial stages of the sales funnel. Potential consumers have seen your product and left their information on a marketing platform but have not yet shown the desire to purchase. 

Sales Qualified Lead

One step ahead of marketing qualified leads is when potential consumers actively reach out to the company. They express the desire to talk to a sales representative to gain more information on your product. 

Product Qualified Lead

These types of leads are exclusive to businesses that provide free trials of products or services before the paying period. The lead source takes action to be a paying customer but has not yet reached the payment stage.

The Importance of Knowing

Knowing the kind of leads you gain through your lead generation efforts is essential in formulating the approach and improvements for each consumer associated with the lead.

Different kinds of leads require different contact points. Knowing when to connect is crucial in increasing the chances of leads actually pushing through.

Knowing the type of lead that generates the most sales and at what point these leads are captured is information that can be used for follow-ups and cold calling.

Leads not only increase the chances of sales but also gives business learning materials for current and future trends. 


What are Lead Generation and its Marketing Strategies

One of the greatest techniques in digital marketing is lead generation and it gives a beneficial boost to the growth of the business, online. Lead Generation is known as the process of using digital marketing channels and mediums to find and attract potential clients and customers. 

The leads that you gain are defined as people who could be interested in your company, product or service. They will show a strong interest by interacting with your brand or your service digital channels, but they haven’t made any purchases yet. To make these people become your clients or customers, you need to attract their attention. After you get their attraction, you need to make it an action, and that action could be a phone call, a social media post, or a digital invitation. 

These actions should be well delved into the target marketing plan and collected all results to convert them into your leads. These people show any interest in your product; they are now your leads. Your main objective is to make a customer or a client out of a lead.

The key to Lead Generation and driving traffic for the business

sales generation process

Social Media 

– Facebook and LinkedIn, two of the most widely used social media platforms, are beginning to challenge search as the primary sources of traffic. Posting content to social media platforms or paying for ads that run on the networks can help you get traffic from those platforms.

Search Engine Optimization or SEO

– Similar to search engine marketing or SEM, search engine optimization or SEO involves optimizing your website for search engine algorithms so that it appears higher in organic search results rather than paying search engines for ads.

Search Engine Marketing or SEM 

– SEM or Search Engine Marketing is a type of online advertising in which advertisers pay search engines like Google or Bing to place ads in their search results. This can be a significant source of traffic because search is the most common method by which people navigate the web.

How Lead Generation will work as your Digital Marketing strategy 

lead generation b2b

Having proper training and knowledge in Digital Marketing techniques, Lead Generation will be an integral part of your business and its exposure online. There are two main components to the lead generation process and they are getting traffic to your site and then convincing those traffic known as your site visitors to share their contact information with you and have the ability to convert them into your sales.

The first step of the process is finding an effective way to attract prospects to your website. Having the outline of techniques and strategies that will be implemented will result in good prospects for your business. Depending on your company’s goals and budgetary constraints, there are many ways to start attracting prospects to your site as long as you have proper techniques. Hiring an agency that excels in lead generation hong kong will also be a great start for growing your business.


Most Dominant Lead Generation Marketing Trends You Can’t Ignore in 2022

Looking back at the trends from marketing in the previous years, so many has changed and have been improved. Some of these changes have an effect on the trends of lead generation in digital marketing in Hong Kong and tactics used in marketing as a whole. Trends would come and go, which is why some brands would understandably put more effort to keep up with these fast-evolving trends in lead generation.

The past few years due to the pandemic have led many people to shift and utilize digital spaces for interaction, which also made them independently search for answers instead of directly contacting the people that sell the products. This massive shift also made people shift from traditional service tools to more digital ones. Research shows there’s a 30% increase in the preference of customers to place orders online through apps, as more people become comfortable with remote selling.

Following these circumstances are the emergence of new lead generation trends. To adapt and act accordingly, get to know the newest, hottest lead generation trends for the year 2022:

Voice Search Marketing

Recent data revealed that there are now at least 133 million smart speaker owners all over the world, establishing voice search as one of the most used methods of search by users. Long-tail keywords are given more emphasis because prospects are more likely to use every day speech patterns when using voice search. To attract more leads, your content should be a bit more casual and mimic real-life conversations. Businesses should also focus on using phrases that are more likely to be used by their target audience.

Intent Data

This lead generation trend is on the rise for the year 2022. Intent data allows websites to gather information and pinpoint decision-makers or leads who are looking for solutions and specific answers to certain problems, and are more likely to purchase the product.

Intent data comes from any interaction that a prospect may have done with your website – from blog posts they’ve read or shared, or questions they may have sent, to other information collected from third-party sources. These information are recorded to identify leads better. It can significantly increase leads since these crucial information would make targeting leads easier and more accurately.

Influencer Marketing

In recent years, more businesses are seen investing in influencer marketing and partnering with internet influencers as a means to promote their services, as well as reach out to prospects. Linking your website in the content involving the influencer (or at least a mention) would come a long way in attracting hot leads. The goal is to branch out to the influencer’s audience, so it’s important to look into influencers that share your similar target audience, as well as your brand’s values.

Here are the current hottest lead generation trends for the year 2022. Using these trends to your advantage will establish a more update lead generation tactics, as well as attract more leads in the future!


How to Generate Organic Leads in 2022

Research revealed that at least 61% of marketers find lead generation and attracting organic traffic as one of their biggest struggles in marketing campaigns. After all, there’s nothing more challenging than trying to reel in users to get interested in something, especially if it’s something they have very little knowledge of.

The process of lead generation may be tricky. It is a process that requires a certain level of expertise and knowledge. The fact that several other competitors are trying to do the exact same thing, may make it all the more challenging. It’s also one of the reasons other marketers want an extra advantage through lead generation training or investment in other tools that may make the process easier for them.

To make things simpler, here’s a guide that may help you attract more quality leads in 2022:

Publish Quality Content

Most prospects are likely to be in the middle of finding a solution to a certain problem, or seeking the right answers from a frequently asked question. The key to reeling in more prospects is to provide in-depth and goal-oriented content that will not only pique the interest of the users, but also likely to convince them to use your product or service. Examples of these content are detailed product demonstrations, testimonies that your services have helped others before, or interactive content that would make the decision-making process of the users quicker and better.

Make Use of Chatbots

Providing instant communication and assistance the moment a user enters your website would make it more convenient and easier for them to reach out to you. This feature is also available on social media such as Facebook, and it is also an effective way to gather data and figure out the needs of users. Information such as emails and phone numbers may also be provided, which, in return, would make it easy for you to send newsletters, coupons, and other types of promotional campaigns.

Offer Attractive Deals and Free Trials

One of the best and most effective lead generation strategies is giving a user a glimpse of what you have to offer, such as free trials. This would not only attract new users, but also possibly erase any doubts that they may have about your brand. If they like the experience, they may eventually convert and use the paid version later on. It is good deal for interested prospects. Brands will also be able to showcase other features and benefits from the premium deal, and potentially convert these leads.

Utilize Social Media

To attract leads, you would first need to figure out where most of them are. Social media is a good place to attract prospects because of its outstanding number of users. Social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are among the most effective channels to use to attract leads. You may start by incorporating links on landing pages that saw the most success to expand your reach. Share and acknowledge customer feedback to strengthen customer interest and build brand awareness. You should also review tweets, posts, or comments about your brand to see which areas need attention firsthand.

These are among the simplest, yet effective ways to generate leads for the year 2022. Execute these tactics with consistent effort then the leads will be reeled in to your brand like moths drawn to a flame.


Old but Gold: 3 Classic Lead Generation Strategies that Deliver Results

Growing your business in a highly digital world can be challenging. This is especially true when you have a ton of competitors around. But according to experts in lead generation in digital marketing in Hong Kong, this will never be the issue when a business has a solid marketing strategy. But how do make one? The following are four old but very effective means to boost your lead generation campaign.

Search engine optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) remains one of the most effective lead generation strategies in terms of attracting relevant traffic to your website. Through SEO, you get higher ranking in the search results. In effect, your website can get more valuable traffic. Keyword research is import in SEO. Try focusing o  long-tail keywords because they tend to attract leads who are more interested in your product or service. Other aspects and areas you must improve to boost your SEO include page speed, user experience, and content.


Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is another great way to get leads that convert. Same with SEO, keywords play an important role in this strategy. Keywords determine where your ad shows and more importantly it affects your ad’s cost-per-click (CPC). Again, similar with SEO, long-tail keywords are good to use because they have lower CPC and are an excellent choice for lead generation. It pays to create a powerful PPC ad because it caters to people who are looking for the exact product or service you are offering and are ready to make a purchase.

Social Media Ads

Operating similarly as PPC ads, social media ads make an excellent tool for lead generation. The best thing about these ads is they appear on the screen of users who are profiled to have the tendency to like your product or service. There is no need to wait for users to key in your target keywords. Popular social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter offer different options for businesses to make valuable leads. Each of them has their setup for paid ads so it pays to know where you can effectively push for your lead generation efforts.

If you want a robust lead generation campaign, make sure to consider these old but very effective strategies. Every lead matters in this highly competitive world of business so choose a strategy that will connect you to qualified leads.


Three Lead Generation Strategies Every Startup must Use

Every startup is unique in its own way, so it pays to find a lead generation strategy that best suits it. But according to experts in digital lead generation strategies in Hong Kong, here are some of the best strategies that work for startups.

Make various opt-in opportunities

Opt-in opportunities can help lure in qualified leads. This can be as simple as a recipe, a blog post PDF, or a worksheet, or even a webinar or live demo. A blog post is the perfect avenue to offer your audience these things. Place the details of these opt-ins in a pop-up and make it sound as irresistible as possible. Encourage them to make a decision right there and then. While it is impossible to get a “yes” response all the time, make sure to give them a hard time saying “no.” Opt-ins can increase conversion by 32%.

Optimize your landing pages

For a landing page to deliver excellent conversion, it must say the message loud and clear and must provide the visitor an easy way to take action. Don’t make your visitors process too much information for it would simply overwhelm them. No five-minute video or a whole page report. Tell them right away what’s in it for them in the page and make it easily understandable as to what you want them to do.

Improve your ads

Sometimes ads don’t work because they are poorly written. They could be boring and not as compelling. When ads are properly written, they can raise your CTR above the anticipated average. As a result, your quality score goes up. Make your ads as unique as possible and give your target audience more than one reason to click and turn into a lead.

Gmail ads, in particular, are excellent means to reach a wider audience, particularly your target competitor’s customers. Through Gmail Ads, you can make your AdWords campaign to only reach users receiving email from your competitors. This means you can connect directly with people who use products or services similar to yours.

These are only some of the strategies startups must utilize to gain an edge in lead generation. Try including these on your strategy and see for yourself.


3 Common Myths Surrounding Lead Generation

Lead generation is a highly competitive industry. This is exactly why people often have a lot of assumptions surrounding this system. As a result, the process is plagued with information that are far from the truth. Oftentimes, these can affect the way businesses strategize and create their own approach.

To save them from ruining their own brand, here are some of the myths around this idea and the truth behind them. Check them out below.

Myth #1: Lead Generation Is Not a Long-Term Initiative

lead generation training

Truth: People often get this wrong about lead generation. Most, if not all, only think about implementing this process when the need arises. This is outright wrong. Lead generation is an important element to gain a steady flow of audiences. Without targeting these people, it’s pretty impossible to target them and generate more sales.

Myth #2: Generating Leads Is Just About Numbers

Truth: While the purpose of generating leads is to gain more sales, that’s not what it is all about. Rather than focusing on the quantity, lead generation initiatives in Hong Kong also dwells on the idea of earning quality leads. It’s not enough to make an impression to people. This process is also about attracting them to get to know more about your products and services.

Myth #3: Website Is More Than Enough to Generate Leads

Truth: Many people often assume that creating a website is an enough initiative to drive leads. Though this is partly true, having a website alone isn’t enough. While it is an important element, there are series of things you have to do along with it to capture the public’s interest toward your brand. To have a solid lead generation strategy using digital marketing, you need to explore all possible methods that will support your goals and objectives. Without it, your efforts would be wasted whether or not you have website or not.

For more information about lead generation click this link: What Are the Most Effective Business-to-Business Lead Generation Strategies?

May these things provide you better understanding on the purpose of lead generation. More than just driving sales and profits, lead generation helps businesses to build up people’s interest to whatever it is you’re offering. Be sure to keep these things in mind to avoid making assumptions about this process. If there’s something you’re not sure about, rather than making a claim, it’s best to confirm it through research and ask for an expert’s advice.


Three Simple yet Effective Lead Generation Strategies

Leads are vital to any business. It would be incredibly hard for a business to thrive without good quality leads. But with so many advice on how you should generate leads, where do you actually focus your efforts?

Here are some simple and basic lead generation strategies that actually work.

Email marketing

Never underestimate the power of email marketing. Start by providing your potential customer an offer in exchange of their email addresses. Then, create a list of prospective targets within your market and decide on the right product or service to offer them through personalized emails. Add some opt-in strategy in your email marketing and leads would naturally follow. Here are some other tips on email marketing.

Regular blogging

Blogs are a way to regularly refresh your website and increase your online visibility. But more importantly, blogs are also excellent means to build brand trust and credibility and to nurture leads. Regular website updates through blogging can significantly increase your lead volume. Just make sure that each blog post is linked to other pages on your website and has clear and prominent call to action.

Social media posting

Social media is another effective platform to attract and nurture leads. Seek to build a loyal following by sharing content that is valuable and relevant to the needs of your target customers. It does not stop with sharing content though; connect with your audience by engaging them to react and comment, responding to their queries, and simply joining their interactions.

These strategies might sound basic and simple, but when done correctly and consistently, you will see how effective they are in generating qualified leads. The secret is to keep in touch with them, show them that you care, and give them good reasons to choose your brand.Learn more by taking lead generation programs in Hong Kong.


What Are the Most Effective Business-to-Business Lead Generation Strategies?

A good business-to-business (B2B) marketing requires effective lead generation strategies. It is in fact considered as the backbone of every marketing initiative for every company. Establishing valuable leads provides a strong pipeline to many organizations since it contributes to their growth and success.b

In this post, you’ll find out about different B2B lead generation strategies that are popular in Hong Kong and all over the world. Be sure to read through them as this will allow you to learn what particular approach is best suited to your business. Check out some of them below.

Content Marketing

content marketing

Producing interesting and fun content is a great option for businesses to capture people’s curiousity. With the amount of content to choose from, you can create anything so long as people can relate to it. If it’s engaging enough, readers might even share it which can help widen your reach. But to write something that will tickle the interest of people, you need to know what people would enjoy. So you can produce something that will target them effectively.

Social Media Marketing

social media marketing

Social media is another platform to boost up your B2B lead generation campaign. Many marketers are in fact leaning towards this channel because of the amount of networks they could gain from it. Establishing a solid social media profile is a great way to expand your market and gain new followers. Additionally, this channel is an effective tool to engage potential customers into recognizing your brand.

Email Marketing

email marketing

Email marketing is among the top choice when it comes to B2B marketing. Its ability to drive leads remains unstoppable even after years of reigning. Comparing it to other options, this proves to be the method which provides great results. Sending highly targeted emails is by far the most effective step to generate leads.

These are just some of the most effective B2B marketing you can try to support you lead generation initiatives in Hong Kong. Be sure to implement these methods to gain better standing in terms of attracting more potential clients. Additionally, don’t be afraid to try other approach to further improve your initiatives.


Boost Up Your Leads Online – 4 Effective Ways to Do That

The digital world can be your ally or enemy depending on what cards you’re playing. Many companies have been running around on the field in the hopes of increasing their leads. Unfortunately, this is easier said than done. Diving into the industry can be challenging especially when you don’t know how to plan and work things out. There might be available methods, but you need an assurance that your plan will help bring more leads.

Today, the world of internet has an immense effect to the way businesses attract qualified prospects. There are in fact tons of lead generation strategies using and involving digital marketing. This is not surprising considering the increasing number of online users and audiences have become. That’s why if you want to take advantage of this, here are some steps you can do to increase your lead generation campaign online.

Use Strong & Impactful CTAs

Call to Action Button

It’s not enough that you simply put call-to-actions (CTAs) on your website. They need to be strong enough to convince and encourage people to act on it. One good way to do that is to think of a command which will provoke and motivate them to click on it. It’s also a good idea to take advantage of the idea of FOMO or fear of missing out. Phrases like “Buy Now”, “Search Now”, “Find Out More” and “Contact Now” are just some of the few good examples you can consider.

Write High-Quality Content

high quality content

High-quality content is a great tool to convert and nurture leads. Once people find it interesting enough, they can become a voluntary promoter of your brand. If your customers find it interesting, they’ll likely share it to their friends online so that more people can read through it. In turn, your span of audience will increase gradually.

Create Promos & Special Offers

Website exclusive deals and offers is another great marketing element you can use to improve your leads and sales. Visitors will likely to become more interested to it if you’re offering it for less. People tend to be more curious when they get products or services at a lesser cost. While you’re at it, be sure to insert the idea of scarcity to your offer. Setting an expiration or time limit to the offer will make it even more enticing to people. If you opt to do this, be sure that you’re actually giving them discount. This way they’ll look forward to more deals in the future.

Amplify your lead generation initiatives online. Try to implement these strategies to gain more leads and sales to your brand. If you want to entice more people online, it pays that you also ensure that your business website is optimized for searches. This way users can easily navigate and find all the things they want or need.